Top Echelon Executives

Top Echelon Executives

HASAN CEM BOYNER / Board of Directors' Chairperson

Cem Boyner, who has graduated fron the Bosphorus University Business Administration Faculty in 1978, has started his business life in the family company Altınyıldız the same year. He has served as Boyner Holding Executive Board Chairperson during 1982-1994. Cem Boyner, who served as the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TÜSİAD) Board of Directors' Chairperson during 1989-1990, became Boyner Holding Executive Director in 1996. Cem Boyner took over the Boyner Holding Board of Directors' Chairperson position in 2010, when Osman Boyner became the Honorary Chairperson. At the same time, Cem Boyner of the Board of Directors' Chairperson of Boyner Perakende ve Tekstil Yatırımları A.Ş. and the other Group companies.

BÜLENT BAŞARAN / General Manager

Başaran, who is an Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering graduate, has received post-graduate education at Istanbul University on Finance Management and International Marketing. He has stepped into his professional career as Toys R Us Purchasing and Logistics Executive. He has worked as senior executive within the organizations of Desa Deri A.Ş and Unitim Holding. Başaran, who has worked at Shaya Retailing as Turkey Ready-Wear Purchasing and Brand Management Manager, has also taken office as the General Manager of Tekin Acar Cosmetics during 2009-2014. He has worked as Commercial General Manager of starting from June 2014. And, he has joined Boyner Department Stores as General Manager in October 2016.

BURCU KÖRPEAĞAÇ / Marketing Deputy General Manager

Körpeağaç, who has graduated from Ankara University Communication Faculty, has started her career as Customer Relations Executive at Boğaziçi İletişim Group in 1996. After taking office in the Corporate Communication departments of different banks such as Interbank, Egebank and Demirbank in the finance sector for three years, she has joined the Boyner Group affiliate Benkar (Advantage) in 2000 as the Advertisement Department Manager. Körpeağaç, who has transferred to Beymen as the Marketing Communication Manager two years later, has joined the Lunapark Advertisement agency in 2006 as the Agency Co-Chairperson. and has then moved to Art Group as the Customer Relations Group Director in 2008. She has returned to the retail sector in January 2013 and worked for 3 years in Vakko as the Marketing and Communication Director. Körpeağaç has joined Boyner as of March 2016 as the Marketing Deputy General Manager.

BORA ALYANAK / Men's Wear Deputy General Manager

He has graduated from the Geological Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University in 2000. He has joined the Boyner Department Stores organization in 1996. He continues to take office as the Men's Wear Deputy General Manager since July 2013.

FİLİZ BAYRAK / Corporate Development and Outlet ​Deputy General Manager

Flliz Bayrak, after graduating from the Urban Planning Department of Istanbul Technical University in 1995, has received an Urban Planning Master's degree from Istanbul Technical University in 1997. She has received an MBA degree from Bosphorus University in 2000, and started her career as an appraiser at the Uluslararası Gayrimenkul Danışmanlik Firm. Filiz Bayrak, who has joined the Boyner Department Stores organization in 1998 as Investment Planning Executive and has last served as Strategy Development & Investments & Visual Merchandising Manager, has been promoted to the position of Deputy General Manager responsible for Corporate Development and Çarşı in 2014. As of 2016, she continues to serve as the Corporate Development and Outlet Deputy General Manager.

HAKAN ZİHNİOĞLU / Sales Deputy General Manager

Zihnioğlu, who has graduated from Bosphorus University Mechanical Engineering Department, has completed his master's degree at Atatürk Institute Modern Turkish History department. He has started his professional life as coordinator at the Bosphorus University Foundation. He has taken office as the Sales Manager, Sales Director, Sales and Commercial Marketing Director and Middle East Countries Business Development Director in Group SEB Tefal Chain Stores in Turkey during 1993-2001.

He has taken part in the retail sector as entrepreneur starting with 2001. He has offered training and counseling services to leading companies in Turkey in many sectors, and primarily retailing, as educator and management counselor in their sales and marketing projects. Zihnioğlu, who is also the Chairperson of the Bosphorus University Alumnae Association (BUMED) since 2010, teaches courses at the Bosphorus University Life-Long Education Center and Istanbul Fashion Academy. He has been working as Sales Deputy General Manager at Boyner since February 2016.

MURAT AKGÜN / Human Resources Deputy General Manager

He has studied for an MBA degree at Bosphorus University in 2007, after having graduated from the Istanbul University Economics Faculty International Relations Department. His career that has started at Yapı Kredi Bank in 1990, has continued at the Garanti Bank Audit Board in 1992. Following the responsibilities he has assumed in the Audit Board, Project Design and Implementation Training units, he has taken office as the Human Resources and Call Center Manager. He has entered the retail market in 2007 and has taken office as Human Resources and Business Development Coordinator at YKM in 2007. Following the Boyner & YKM merger in 2012, he has taken office as the Operation and IT Deputy General Manager within the Boyner Department Stores  organization. He continues his office as the Human Resources Deputy General Manager since December 2014.

ŞEVKET ÇELİKKANAT / Information Technologies Deputy General Manager

Çelikkanat, who has graduated from the Istanbul Technical University Textile Engineering department, has also completed his master's degree at the same university. After starting his career as Sales Representative in the textile businesses, he has transferred to the Zorlu Group in 1999 as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Çelikkanat, who has continued to work as the SAP Project Executive in the Zorlu Textile Group companies, has been appointed as the Deputy General Manager in charge of logistics and finance in Zorlu USA in 2004. After continuing in this position for four years, Çelikkanat has passed to the Movado Watch Company again in the US as the IT Solutions Manager, and has then transferred to İpekyol in June 2008 and took office first as the Information Technologies and Logistics Director and then as the Chief Information Officer. He has assumed the position of Information Technologies Deputy General Manager at Boyner Department Stores since August 2016.

SEZAYİ AKSOY / Chief Financial Officer 

Graduate of Istanbul University Business Administration, Aksoy also completed his Master's Degree from Istanbul Universıty. He started his career at Toys‘R’Us in 1997, where he respectively worked as Financial Analyst, Financial Supervisor and Budget & Planning Manager. Aksoy who worked at Toys ’R’ Us for a total of 10 years, lastly served as Investments & Finance Director. In 2007, he joined Egal Gıda (Yıldız Holding) as Finance Director. He later took roles of Group Finance Manager in the hot beverages and premium brands group and also as Division CFO in the frozen food and personal care group. Afterwards, he moved to SCA Yıldız Paper and Personal Care where he worked as Finance Director between 2012 and 2015 and later as Controlling Director MEIA between 2015-2016. From October 2016 he was acting as Financial Affairs Dırector at Aktül Paper. Aksoy joined Boyner as of March 2018 as Chief Financial Officer.